Irina Pasechnik - Founder

I discovered my passion for wine when I lived in Milan as a student. I created folders in my phone and filled them with notes on all the wines I liked. I cared about what wine I drank quite a bit more than the average student. After university I worked on a marketing project for the biggest Southern Italian wine producer Feudi di San Gregorio. This experience enabled me to fully indulge in my passion and learn more about Italian wines. I attended wine courses, travelled around Italy and kept tasting. When I moved to London I widened my wine research and I discovered full bodied Californian Zinfandels, sweet Alsace Pinot Gris and crisp Mosel Rieslings. After completing a Master in International Business and after several years of working in finance I decided to follow my passion. I completed the Wine and Spirit Association Trust (WSET) Levels 2 and 3, and joined Wine Asset Managers (WAM) – the leading wine investment advisory firm. At WAM I got immersed in investment grade wines, have learnt all the Grand Crus of Bordeaux and Burgundy as well as the stars of the New World. More recently I embarked on the challenging journey of completing the WSET Diploma (one level below the Master of Wine degree) and am helping wine lovers make better decisions on the topic I am most passionate about

Miles Davis - Consultant


I remember my first (half) glass of wine, aged 12, and have never looked back. It was a humble glass of Muscadet on a family holiday in Brittany to accompany a superb seafood vol au vent! I started my first wine club with friends in my early twenties and by the end of that decade had started collecting wine in earnest. Following a successful career in the city and having specialised in investment funds, including senior roles at Bear Stearns and Teather and Greenwood, I took the skills learnt in the financial sector into  the wine world and co-founded Wine Asset Managers (WAM) in 2005. WAM has created and launched two investment funds investing in the very finest ‘investment grade’ wines; these are predominantly Bordeaux wines but also included are Champagne and Italian wines. On a personal level I am interested in all sorts of grape varieties and all sorts of wines from all over the place, except Sauvignon Blanc (largely)! I feel emotionally attached to Burgundy and have a house there, not quite in the wine country but in the excellent Charolais beef country